The Watcher is capable of listening to some directories specified during plugin's configuration.

Two types of files can be copied in these directories :

Soon after the file has been copied, it will appear in back end catalogue page where all videos are referenced.

Back end catalogue video

tar files

tar files are used for videos with synchronized images. A valid tar file must contain a video file, a .session file, a synchro.xml file and a list of images.

.session file

.session file is used to store information about the package. It is written in JSON format and must contain at least :

  "filename": "video.mp4" // Name of the video file in the package

It can contain some optional properties :

  "date": 1425916390, // The date the video was recorded (in Unix epoch time)
  "rich-media": true, // true to indicates that video has associated images, false if only the video is in the package
  "duration": 30 // The duration of the video (in seconds)

Nb : All extra properties are kept but won't be used directly by Publish.

synchro.xml file

synchro.xml file is used to map each images to a video timecode. If rich-media property is set to "true" in .session file, synchro.xml file must be present.

It is written in XML format and must respect the following structure :

<?xml version="1.0"?>

  <!-- At time 0ms, image slide_00000.jpeg must be displayed (slide_00000.jpeg must be present in the package) -->
  <synchro id="slide_00000.jpeg" timecode="0"/>

  <!-- At time 1400ms, image slide_00001.jpeg must be displayed (slide_00001.jpeg must be present in the package) -->
  <synchro id="slide_00001.jpeg" timecode="1400"/>

  <!-- At time 9500ms, image slide_00002.jpeg must be displayed (slide_00002.jpeg must be present in the package) -->
  <synchro id="slide_00002.jpeg" timecode="9500"/>


List of images

A list of images to synchronize with the video as defined in synchro.xml.

Video file

An mp4 file corresponding to the one specified by property filename in .session file.

mp4 files

If your video doesn't have associated images, a simple mp4 file will be enough.